Young people dating online are being kidnapped and attacked, children are being lured out of homes by sexual predators and abused, human trafficking is at an all time high, it is overwhelming for anyone living in South Africa.

Effective security must work to solve constant evolving challenges of society.

  • South Africa has 5 times greater incidence of Gender Based violence than Global Average
  • 41% of Rape cases involve Child victims
  • Only 1 in 9 rape cases are reported

Security should not be expensive or complicated

Security should not be expensive or complicated

 SecureMe Security app is built to promptly respond to your cry for help. We took the old age concept of security and modernized access to private armed response. We have utilized the latest technology in GPS and AI to make a security app that is both effective, affordable and protects your whole family 24hours a day wherever they are.



You will be assisted in your time of need within 5 minutes

The Most Powerful Security App. Say hello to SecureMe.

Innovation in your hand

You will be found in seconds

Our technology is clever enough to find you even if you cannot speak or move. SecureMe has removed traditional location barriers for faster, more urgent, on demand response.

We are always just around the corner 

You will be protected by more than 2000 armed response vehicles across SA which means that you are always close to armed assistance when you need it most. SecureMe has eliminated the barriers to ensure you get assistance in less than 5 minutes.

Armed Response Personal Protection

You are protected in all 9 provinces, You have access to more than 4000 armed response security personnel and more than 300 security companies, You have your own Personal Protection!

Real time Communication

Your loved ones will be notified immediately if something has happened to you. They will have access to your location and can monitor and support you while we take care of you. Information is shared in real time and it keeps everyone up to date on your situation.


Easy & Safe Payments

You will always know what you are charged and you can expect to never have any surprises in your billing.

Easy to setup

The app is designed to make it easy for you to use. You literally download, setup and that’s it!

Ongoing Support

We are here to respond to any queries that you may have.

Setup instructions


Tourism operators offer your visitors peace of mind as they travel our beautiful country.

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Business owners lock up and go home sleep soundly we are keeping your business safe.

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Logistic companies spend less protecting your drivers and the goods they deliver.

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